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Mobile Command Centers

Alaskan Command Center

A properly equipped Mobile Command Center is a Response and Recovery Vehicle that facilitates an Agency's ability to expand their Command and Control capabilities to a remote location. Full Interoperable Communications are a standard for the Mobile Command Center.

For the Emergency Management Agency, the vehicle is an extension of the fixed base Emergency Operations Center. The vehicle should be built with long-term deployment in mind but also be easy to operate in order to allow for quick deployment by minimum personnel if necessary. The successful design of a Mobile Command Center will dictate the frequency of use. In other words, the more difficult to move and operate, the fewer deployments.

St John Sheriff

Command & Control

In the Law Enforcement environment, the vehicle can be utilized for Command and Control as well as Hostage Negotiations and even as a Mobile Precinct. Full Law Enforcement Dispatch capabilities can be installed as well as back-up Systems to the 9-1-1 Center.


Incident Command

Incident Command Center

The Fire Service unit, properly equipped, gives the Incident Commander the visibility and informational flow along with space for ICS Functional Personnel all in one area. A meeting area for functional ICS Officers to share and evaluate information with the IC is necessary.